Epoxy & Urethane Flooring for East Coast, USA, Maryland, Maine to Florida & surrounding areas

Beautiful, Durable, Easy to Maintain

Epoxy & Urethane Flooring by Premier Coatings & Flooring

They provide amazing resistance to chemicals, stains, and wear. They offer a wide variety of colors and decorative designs at attractive prices. Epoxy-urethane floor systems are a cost-effective way to enjoy a durable and attractive floor that’s simple to maintain. With our variety of epoxy and urethane flooring solutions, you’ll find the right application for virtually any need.

epoxy floor-roomEpoxy Flooring –

Also called seamless floors or resinous floors, epoxy flooring is known for its diverse functionality and visual appeal. These floors are layered systems that our certified technicians apply at your home or business. Each layer plays an integral and individual part in the overall resinous flooring system. This multi-layered design enables us to deliver a custom-designed flooring solution that not only meets your functional needs but also provides an aesthetic that compliments your existing decor. From colorful, decorative coatings to solid self-leveling coatings, Premier Coatings & Flooring provides epoxy flooring that delivers both the stain and chemical-resistant characteristics you want with the durability and affordability you deserve.

epoxy floor-garage

Urethane Flooring –

Urethane Flooring by Premier Coatings & Flooring delivers an easy-to-maintain, longer-lasting glossy appearance that resists scratches. Urethane flooring can provide abrasion, chemical, and slip resistance, as well as waterproofing and pitch for water drainage. As a seamless application, it affords excellent hygienic protection. With antimicrobial properties, they are an effective flooring for healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens, and food and beverage processing facilities. Transportation facilities such as airports, train stations, and bus terminals appreciate Urethane Flooring because of its slip-resistant qualities and low maintenance requirements.

MMA Flooring –

For low-temperature environments and rapid installation requirements, MMA (methyl methacrylate) Flooring is a high-quality solution. Premier Coatings & Flooring offers a wide variety of colors and finishes designed with the visual appeal of your facility in mind. Water-resistant, chemical resistant, slip-resistant, MMA Flooring is a popular choice for many different industries. This flooring can be installed faster than most urethane systems. They hold up very well in extremely cold areas, making them excellent for freezers and coolers.

Excellent Products, Excellent Installations

Our certified technicians have years of experience installing all specialty flooring solutions offered by Premier Coatings & Flooring. Many different flooring types require just as many application processes, and we have over a quarter-century of experience installing them. We’re happy to provide free estimates, which include helping you choose the system that works best for you.  We offer USDA, FDA, or EPA-compliant coatings for a wide variety of industries. And if you simply need a beautiful flooring system that stands up under heavy traffic, Premier Coatings & Flooring can handle that, too.

Samples of Popular Colors (Hundreds more available)